Saturday, January 3, 2009

3 out of 6 Ideablob winners are TFA Alums

November's Ideablob winner was just announced, and surprise, surprise, it's yet another TFA Alumnus.  That makes the winners of the June, August and November competition ALL TFA beneficiaries.  You may remember that Ideablob created an incentive back in June (right when we lost the grant the FIRST time because our entry was sabotaged by Jessica Hammock of Project Epiphany, a TFA Alum) that if a TFA Alum won their monthly $10,000 contest, the TFA Organization would receive a separate $5000 award.  (Ideablob denies this, but we have evidence.)  Now, to date, 50% of all the winners since this financial incentive went into effect have been TFA Alums.  

Here is what you can do if Ideablob's TFA bonus incentive has adversely affected your win: You can contact your state's Attorney General, as well as the USA Attorney General, Make a claim with the Better Business Burrow, File a complaint with the FDIC (they regulate the activities of banks) and lastly, of course is private litigation. (Unfortunately, lawyer fees will likely cost as much as the amount of the injury.) And, of course, if enough people have been effected by this, it could be classified as a class action suit.  

Sometimes justice is believing in karma --knowing that what goes around comes around.   

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