Saturday, December 29, 2007


One word: AMAZING! Wes Anderson is a filmmaking genius. He's the king of killer music and slow-motion montages. The cinematography is outstanding; the movement, the compositions, the way the camera pans and the way the actors hit their marks perfectly. The acting is "right on". Earnest and skillful. The production design is spectacular. (Do trains really look like that in India, or is this all the doing of an amazing designer?) The color pallet -ooh la la!

And the story. If you know me, you know that this is my kind of plot: a spiritual journey with a sense of humor, that tugs at the heart. I never expected this film to become so very deep, or to come around full circle,but it does! AND there's this one last symbolic moment toward the end, that set my soul soaring. It was like icing on the cake.

The film begins with Bill Murray missing his train, and being left behind. Ha! (Fans of Wes Anderson know that Bill Murray has been in every Wes film since BOTTLE ROCKET!) The story: Three brothers are on an adventure which includes finding their mother who left them (although 2 of the brothers don't know that's the real reason for the trip). After they find their mother, it's clear she has not changed. But the adventure releases their baggage, but not their scars. BRILLIANT!

It was especially poignant for me, since I have not seen my mother in 21 years, and have decided to find her... This definitely seemed like a sign from the Universe.

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